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Conference host Troy Taylor is a supernatural historian, crime buff and author of more than 100 books on ghosts, hauntings, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder and owner of the American Hauntings Tours and events. Along with writing and creating and sponsoring ghost tours and ghost hunts, Troy has spoken for scores of events and conferences and has appeared in numerous TV shows, documentaries and even a feature film about the supernatural. He is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and knowledgeable people in the paranormal field. At this year's event, Troy will be speaking about the Rise of the Dead in Nineteenth Century America, as well as a presentation with co-author Rene Kruse on their new book, FEAR THE REAPER.

Troy Taylor Presents: The 3rd Annual "American Monsters" Panel -- From Bigfoot to Mothman, Phantom Panthers & Other Mysterious Creatures -- Because America Isn't Just Haunted by Ghosts!

April Slaughter is the author of Ghost Hunting Texas and Reaching Beyond the Veil. She has been a long-time paranormal journalist, publishing articles on all types of paranormal subjects including Demonology, Psychic Phenomena, UFOs/Skinwalkers, Faeries, Hauntings, among many others and is a leading researcher of EVP-ITC phenomena. April is a returning favorite to the conference this year.

In her presentation DISCONNECTED FROM DEATH, April will be discussing the evolution of funerary practices, mourning traditions, the significance of post-mortem photography in early American history, and how dealing with death in today's world has become more a business of disconnection, and less about processing and accepting loss. 

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is an author and paranormal investigator who has written more than 50 books on a wide range of paranormal and metaphysical subjects.  Her field research and investigations involve spirit communications, intensely active areas and portals, negative hauntings, and entity contact experiences of all kinds.

Portals to the Spirit World
Since ancient times, mirrors have been one of the most powerful tools for opening the door to the spirit realm.  They draw people into mysterious depths, reveal the past and future, and enable the dead, spirits and beings from other dimensions to manifest, from angels to demons to the dead to ETs and more.  Rosemary covers the ancient art of mirror gazing for knowledge, revelation and otherworldly contact.

Rene Kruse is the author of three books on ghosts, crime and American disasters with her co-author Troy Taylor. She holds a PhD from Texas A&M University and teaches Applied Engineering and Technology at California University in Pennsylvania. She has been fascinated by ghosts and all things haunted throughout her entire life and has been actively investigating the supernatural for over 30 years. She has also appeared on several national TV shows about ghosts and hauntings. She has lived all over the country but has been in Southwest Pennsylvania for more than 20 years.

At this year's event, Rene will be presenting with co-author Troy Taylor on their new book, FEAR THE REAPER, a bloody history of rural murders -- and the ghost stories left in their wake -- in American history.

 From ax murders in the night to wholesale slaughters of entire families and the ghostly events that followed, it's another dark presentation from these two authors.


Dave Goodwin is a St. Louis police officer, a Major in the Army National Guard and the author of two books on military ghosts. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement and has worked in law enforcement for 20 years. Dave deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 and 2007-2008 in support of Iraqi Freedom and is currently stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.
 He has actively investigated haunted locations for two decades and currently lives in north St. Louis County.

At this year's conference, Dave will be presenting on his newest book SOLDIERS & THE SUPERNATURAL, focusing on some of the most haunted forts, battlefields and military sites in America.

Nick Redfern is the author of 30 books on UFOs, Bigfoot, lake-monsters, the Abominable Snowman, and Hollywood scandal, including Monster Files, Monster Diary, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter;Celebrity Secrets; There’s something in the Woods; Contactees; Final Events; The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies; Science Fiction Secrets; On the Trail of the Saucer Spies; Strange Secrets; and – with fellow Texas-based researcher and author, Ken Gerhard – Monsters of Texas. Nick has written for numerous magazines and has appeared on more than 70 TV shows. He currently lives on the fringes of Dallas, Texas.

 The Sinister Side of Cryptozoology...

 Within the field of Cryptozoology, there are far more than a few reports on file of Bigfoot vanishing in the blink of an eye, of cameras jamming when people try and photograph lake monsters, and of an absolute multiplicity of cryptids seen in the same location, and sometimes even during the same precise time frame as UFOs, aliens, Men in Black, spooks and specters, and other strange and unearthly phenomena. If the strange creatures of our world are simply flesh-and-blood, why should they be associated with so much high-strangeness? The answer may be that they are not just unknown animals. They may be something far stranger...

Derek, former US Marine, founded the Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society (CAIPRS) in August 2001. Based in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Derek is also the owner of the Cape Cod Haunted History Tours, the original ghost tour of the region. In addition to offering tours during the Summer and Halloween season, they also offered ghost hunts at the oldest wooden jail in America.  Derek has spoken at a number of past conferences and returns in 2014 with a new presentation.

The Dead Presidents 
Join Derek for a look at the macabre mysteries and myths of our Nation's leaders.  Discover the dark side of American history, from the strange secrets of the White House to the weird tales of our presidents. From hauntings of our nation's capital to just which ghosts haunt the White House, it's a strange look at sprits, specters, parallel lives, eerie tales and more!
Returning to this year's is author Luke Naliborski, American Hauntings guide and Rep in Illinois. Luke is also a public speaker and has investigated haunted places all over St. Louis and Southern Illinois. Luke will be presenting Friday night's "Strange Stuff," with help from John Winterbauer. "Strange Stuff" was created by John Brill during the early days of the Haunted America Conference as a way to open the event with weird stories and personal interactions from the audience. Luke has assisted with Strange Stuff many times in the past and will be taking it over, starting in 2014. He will also be working with John during the Monster Panel, handling YOUR questions ands comments from the audience during both sessions.

JOHN WINTERBAUER: John is a long-time guide with America Hauntings, notably in Decatur. He has had a lifetime interest in the strange and the unusual and is a familiar face during past conferences.

American Hauntings' John Winterbauer with Troy Taylor
John will be assisting Luke with "Strange Stuff" and the American Monster Panel


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